Friday, March 20, 2009

Ways to reduce car accidents

As drivers, we have the responsibility on the road to ourselves, our loved one and to other drivers. Responsibility here involves a few thins that is we must be extremly careful when we are on the road. We must think of others and do not be selfish. So, today we weill discuss how to reduce road accidents.

First, it is our responsibility to make sure that our vehicles are in a good condition. This is to ensure that our vehicle do not break down or couse accidents. Therefore, plan ahead. Service your car regularly, at least once in every six months. While driving on the road, keep on the speed limit all the time, not only when you suspect there is a speed trap ahead. Not only you can prevent accident but also you can reduce the usage of fuel of your vehicle by keeping the speed limit.

Next, the police must organise a road safety campaigns to give information and awareness among the road users about the dangers of inconsiderate driving. Moreover, the police must also give punishment or fined for drivers who break traffic rules. Right now, the punishment given is not enough to prevent drivers from repeating their mistakes or to scare off potential selfish drivers.

In summary, drivers must concern the ways to reduce road accidents. This should start from the driving school as the teachers must tell their students not to break traffic rules.